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Barry Walker – President of the Chantry Centre

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

It is with great sadness that the Trustees learnt of the death of Barry Walker after a long illness.

Barry was one of the founding Trustees of the Chantry Centre in 2009 as it took over the ownership and running of the old Lister Social Club, so helping to ensure the future of the Lister Hall and the various other rooms on Long Street.

During the earliest period of the charity, Barry was pivotal in helping to ensure that the Lister Hall roof was replaced, so preventing any further deterioration to the fabric of the building. The Trustees are ever grateful for this support.

He also regularly provided most valuable advice on a range of other issues facing the charity – particularly using his knowledge of property and construction in trying to manage an old building with a number of interesting “design” features – not all of which were necessarily intended!

As measure of their appreciation the Trustees appointed Barry as President of the charity. He will be missed.

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