Our Future

Exciting redesign and vision

Building Re Design

Since becoming a Charity in 2011, the Trustees identified that, with careful redesign, the Chantry Centre can develop to support an ever wider range of activities which enrich the lives of our diverse neighbourhood and support people to connect, engage and grow.

To achieve this, the Trustees have developed a medium term Business Plan which is revised every 2 years.

STAGE 1 & 2: Roofing and Low Cost Redevelopment Programme

Since 2011, there has been much hard work and over £150,000 of funds have been secured and invested in urgent roof repairs and a range of internal improvements such as the installation of the projector & large screen, reconfiguring rooms to provide greater flexibility, upgrading hall lighting and WiFi, and most recently the creation of additional toilet facilities.

STAGE 3: Capital Redesign Project

Trustees have consulted with key users to review the current Chantry Centre design and assess how best to fully maximise the significant potential the building offers for the benefit of the local community.  This Capital Programme is the next major step and we are currently finalising plans which:

  •  Improves the “kerbside” appeal of the Chantry Centre - creating a more welcoming frontage 

  •  Reduces operating costs and improves the centre's sustainability

  •  Improves accessibility of the centre

  •  Facilitates increased use by a number of different users at the same time.

This is an ambitious programme and our preliminary estimate is that at least £500,000 of funding will be required. 

As a first key step it was confirmed in early 2022 that £200,000 of the required funds were available to the Chantry Centre from Stroud District Council arising from the Section 106 obligations paid by the developer of the Littlecombe site in Dursley.


With these funds now available, the Trustees have commenced fundraising activities for the balance.