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Upgrading the Lighting

We are pleased to announce that in mid October we completed another stage of the Chantry Centre refurbishment project with the installation of new LED lighting in the Centenary Lounge, skittle alley, bar and corridors.

With generous funding from The Summerfield Charitable Trust, the first stage formed part of the asbestos removal project with the new lighting being installed in the lounge and corridors as we made good after the old ceiling tiles had been stripped out.

New LED ceiling lighting in the Centenary Lounge

Having seen the improvement the new LED lighting made to these areas, we then had a much better understanding of what LED arrangements would best suit the other rooms. This actually allowed funds to stretch a bit further than we first thought.

The new lighting is a great improvement and continues our drive to reduce our energy consumption. The only downside is we now can see even better how much more refurbishment work will be required!

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