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Internal works completed on time

The planned internal works of the asbestos removal from the front of the building has successfully been completed on schedule, inspected and Clear Air Certificates issued.

Thank you to Hawkins Insulation Ltd for carrying out the work in such a timely, safe, and efficient manner. And to Dursley based KJB Electrical who then worked hard for us to ensure the electrics were ready so we could be fully operational again.

We are also grateful to all our users for bearing with us whilst the front entrance, Lounge and Skittle Alley was closed off and for using the temporary access from the garden or through the newly created Stage Door side access point.

The removal of asbestos was a critical part of the refurbishment project to enable subsequent works to proceed safely. This was made possible by a grant awarded from Dursley Town Council in October 2022 towards the cost of the removal and release of funding secured under the Littlecombe Section 106.

A new suspended ceiling in the Lounge was required which has been installed by T.L. Freeman & Co, but you will notice we still have a bit more redecorating to do - especially the corridor areas which are part of the next phases of developing the Chantry Centre into a modern, vibrant hub at the heart of your community.

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