Redesign plans

Exciting new redesign for our community building...

The charity recognises the Chantry Centre, originally built in 1926 as a private social club for RA Listers, is a unique building full of character and history, but believe with thoughtful redesign it can be made into a multi-purpose centre for performing arts, culture and the local community.  This will allow it to remain financially self-sufficient i.e. not dependent on any government or local authority funding for day to day running costs.

To achieve this the Trustees have been working on a multi-staged process from the Charity’s Business Plan.

STAGE 1 & 2: Roofing and Low Cost Redevelopment Programme

Since 2011, there has been much hard work and over £100,000 of funds have been secured and invested in urgent roof repairs and a range of internal improvements such as the installation of the projector & large screen, upgrading hall lighting for table tennis & archery, and, most recently toilet refurbishments.

The Chantry Centre now welcomes at least 22,000 non-unique users each year taking part in a wide range of community activities including; DODS’ theatrical productions, Dursley Male Voice Choir, junior table tennis, Explorer Scouts, cheerleaders, bingo, skittles and the Transition Secret Garden project.

STAGE 3: Capital Programme - Redesign

Trustees, members and key users met in early 2016 to assess the current Chantry Centre design and how to fully maximise the significant potential the building offers for the benefit of the local community.  This Capital Programme is the next major step in achieving this and comprises:

Core - Essential works required to create a change in the capability and suitability of the facility for its intended use including the redesign of the entrance, reconfiguring user circulation, improving accessibility.
Package 1: Capacity and Environment - Providing additional space for a range of activities and improved facilities such ventilation & heating throughout the building.
Package 2: Theatre and Auditorium - Modernising the existing theatre equipment and improving the auditorium.
Deferred - Areas of the building where the long term future use remains uncertain and will be re-evaluated once the above work has been completed. 

Proposed frontage

A completely redesigned frontage will highlight what is going on in the Chantry Centre, provide a greater ease of access from Long Street including a drop off zone and a covered entrance.  Once inside, there will be a light, bright foyer leading into a flexible Bar/Coffee Shop area – suitable for pre-event drinks, private hire or simply meeting over a cup of coffee.

Proposed layout

The new proposed layout will improve overall circulation, by allowing access to the rooms to back of the building even when there is an event in the main Lister Hall and maximise use of available space.  The provision of additional level access toilets (including baby change/disabled) is also included along with much needed improvements in facilities such as storage, ventilation & heating plus modernising the exiting theatre equipment and improving the auditorium.

Proposed rear elevation

Significant redevelopment is also proposed to the side and rear of the building which will allow for limited access to the back and an alternative step free access to the building.  Provision could also be made for secure bike parking.

This is an ambitious programme and it is estimated that total funding of at least £650,000 will be needed.  Fundraising activities have just started and the charity will be applying for grant funding towards the costs of the programme.


If you would like to get involved, please let us know as the Trustees would warmly welcome any offers of help and would value any comments/suggestions on the proposed redesign.  Just email us at