For all Our Community

The Chantry Centre, in Long Street Dursley, is a charity owned facility available for use by our local community. Throughout the week it is home to a wide range of local groups (for more details see Weekly Users), as well as being a popular entertainment centre hosting one off events (see What's On) including productions by the Dursley Operatic and Dramatic Society, concerts by Dursley Male Voice Choir, screenings by Cam and Dursley Community Cinema and a range of community events working in partnership with World Jungle.

The Chantry Centre is fully licensed and is also available for private hire and catered functions - with rooms for meetings, clubs, musical events and more. The Lister Hall is popular for charity fund raising events and we can make special arrangements for charities and local societies (see Facilities & Rooms for Hire). 
Our Partners 

Chantry Centre Events and Activities

What's On - One off events - further details and ticket arrangements can be found on the What's On page. Bold events open the public.

 25th Jul 2015    Private Party
 26th Jul 2015Dursley Male Voice Choir Event
 2nd Aug 2015        Dursley Diamonds Event
 7th Aug 2015Just Jive
 8th Aug 2015Private Party
 16th Aug 2015Private Party
 21st/22nd Aug 2015Private Wedding Party
 28th/29th Aug 2015Private Wedding Party
 4th Sep 2015Just Jive
 5th Sep 2015Kick the Cat
 12th Sep 2015Cam and Dursley Community Cinema
 18th Sep 2015Rugby World Cup - England v Wales
 19th Sep 2015Pro EVW Wrestling
 26th Sep 2015Private Party


Weekly Users - Further details can be found via the link below and on the Weekly Users page.
Mondays - Fridays 7pm onwards Lister and Berkeley Skittles LeaguesSkittles League
Mondays         9.00am - 5.00pmBeauty and Holistic TherapiesWeekly Users
Mondays         5.30pm -7.30pmCheerleading including Dursley
Mondays        7.30pm - 8.15pmFit
Mondays           7.00pmMonday Club 
Tuesdays       4.30pm - 5.45pmJunior Table TennisTable Tennis
Tuesdays       7.30pm - 9.00pm  Dursley Explorer Scouts 
Wednesdays 9.00am - 12.00 noonSecret Garden Work
Wednesdays  1.00pm - 2.30pmDursley Training Unit 
Wednesdays    From 6.30pmDursley Male Voice
Thursdays      6.00pm - 9.00pmTynedale
Thursdays         From 8.00pmBingo  
Fridays           9.00am - 12.00 noonSeniors Table TennisTable Tennis
Fridays         10.30am -12.30pmDursley Training Unit 
Fridays           3.30pm - 6.00pmSamba
Saturdays   10.00am onwardsGreen Tea
Sundays      10.00am - 2.00pmTynedale