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'New look' Friends of the Chantry Centre

We are pleased to announce that we have reviewed our Friends of the Chantry Centre scheme with some additional benefits that we hope members will enjoy!

The Friends scheme was originally set up as an emergency arrangement in COVID to help keep the Chantry Centre operational when we had to shut our doors and unable to generate any income, but there were still fixed running costs to be paid.

Thankfully, the Chantry Centre ‘weathered the storm’ and the Trustees have been able to get back to fully focusing on developing the Chantry Centre as vibrant hub at the heart of your community.

The Trustees are very grateful to all those individuals that became a Friend so have now taken the opportunity to enhance the membership offering as a thank you, whilst also wishing to relaunch it into the wider local community so others can support the Charity, as around 2,000 residents a month visit the Chantry Centre to take part in a wide range of activities, events and local groups.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Chantry Centre please visit

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