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SketchUp model

Attached below is a "Work in progress" SketchUp 3D model of the existing Chantry Centre.


The model is organised as a hierarchical structure of "groups" (similar to "layers" in AutoCAD terminology)  - which is most easily navigated with the SketchUp "Outliner"

To access a specific part of the building open the Outliner window, navigate to the required part & double click to open it. The rest of the model will then be greyed out or disappear (depending on the setting in View / Component Edit

SketchUp "layers" have been assigned to each Group, Component etc to control visibility - alternatively the Outliner can be used to "hide" specific items.

The hierarchy is organised around the different phases of construction of the building, also different levels.

The Layers allow viewing with existing features remove or replaced - e.g. Hall Ceiling, Lounge walls etc. 


Factory Development Plan

The model started from a tracing of the "Factory Development Plan" - which dates from 1990 & appears to be a reasonably accurate measured survey

However since that time there have been various alterations, e.g. the Snooker Room & Main Kitchen

Also this was a ground level plan, so does not show changes in floor level, basement, first floor, roofs etc. 

Detail photos

To prepare this model many photographs have been taken - which can be accessed here .


Many measurements have also been taken of existing elevations, internal spaces, ceiling heights, wall thicknesses, stairways  etc. using a laser measure - these are on paper sketches.

in some cases where this was not convenient (e.g. high external walls) dimensions have been estimated based on counting bricks, blocks, scribed lines in cement rendering etc. 

Where measurements have been transferred to the model corresponding dimensions have been added to the model for checking back.

Measurements have been taken and entered to 1 mm accuracy, but realistically walls are not vertical, surfaces smooth - so the accuracy achieved is probably 5 cm.


The "Existing" model is well advanced, but not yet not finished ... e.g. not all measurements have been taken, or transferred to the model & some parts are misaligned v each other.

Also stray construction lines etc are littered around the model - which will be removed in due course


An AutoCAD 3D export can be provided on request via SketchUp Pro.

Plans & elevations can be created & exported using SketchUp "Sections"

A set of SketchUp "Scenes" will be created as the model is further developed.


Any questions please contact Chris Lambert
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