The Lister Social Club and Hall was built in 1926 by the engineering company R A Lister, a long established business in Dursley which at its peak employed over 4000 people. The Club and Hall provided a social facility for the firm’s employees and families, and became a focal point for social activities for the community in Dursley and the surrounding parishes.

In the second half of the last century, following several changes of ownership, the firm went into decline with a consequent sharp reduction in the number of employees. The Club and Hall was purchased by its members and continued to run successfully in the town.

However, over time many parts of the buildings have shown signs of age and need renewal or replacement. At the same time the Club’s income declined in real terms, particularly bar receipts. Club members therefore took the decision that the management of the buildings and land should take a different form that will make them more attractive to users from within the local community, as well as more commercial groups from a wider area.

As a result a new Registered Charity (1137554), The Chantry Centre was formed as a company limited by guarantee (06983485) with directors from the local community, the Lister Club and users of the Lister Hall. In July 2011 the Chantry Centre acquired the assets of the present Lister Club and to manage the commercial activities of the charity, a trading company limited by shares, The Chantry Centre Trading Company Limited has been registered with Companies House (07396495).

It is intended that profits from the Trading Company profits will become a source of income to The Chantry Centre, providing it with financial sustainability and allowing capital expenditure on the buildings, land and facilities.